We are often inclined to think that comfort on a yacht is directly proportional to the onboard equipment. In fact, everything is vain if you first do not consider the acoustic well-being that a boat can offer.

Those who buy a recreational boat do so to enjoy their time with family and friends. The boat is seen as a safe haven from the hustle and bustle of the city, a place in contact with nature and that ensures peace and relaxation. The noise on board and poor acoustic quality of the rooms, reduce or completely eliminate the quality of the "boating experience".

Modern yachts and Megayacht are generally equipped with all the comforts and with technologies better than those that can be found in a house of good standard. But unlike traditional houses, to offer good onboard comfort, boats have to contend with extreme noise sources that are beating by far the busiest street in the most chaotic city.

On a boat everything produces noise: the chassis, the fittings, the bow thruster and especially the diesel engine are the main enemies of comfort aboard. Even with the boat stopped, the electric generators or the air conditioning system can provide an unwelcome background.

If we consider the morphology of the yachts, the hulls and cabins are effectively suited to the role of resonance speakers, ampliecting noise and negatively influencing the pleasure of navigation.

The Noise on a boat It is transmitted both by air (Airborne) and by vibration of structures (Structure-borne). Everyday devices are born that Effectively reduce vibrations of moving parts, but like all mechanical components, they have wear problems and require costly maintenance. Conversely, as time goes by, they reduce or cancel their effect. Even the engine industry is focused on the development of increasingly quieter thrusters, although on average the sound emission of a diesel engine is often above 100 decibels.

Acoustically isolate Environments and put in place Anti-vibration Systems Compartmentalization thus becomes the best investment to minimize the impacts of noise on board life. Precisely on these aspects focuses the commitment of designers and yacht designers.

Sound absorbing or sound insulation materials? Let's clarify.

Very often, even among professionals, we talk about Soundproofing and to Sound absorption interchangeably, as if they were two terms that define the same thing. In fact, these are two profoundly different disciplines, even if both point to the common goal of Improve acoustic comfort.

I Sound absorbing materials They have the characteristic of transforming the acoustic energy that strikes them and crosses them, in another type of energy (e.g. heat). Sound waves are therefore not reflected in the Sound absorbing material But partially confiscated or "fragmented and redistributed" (sound diffusion). More simply, the Sound absorbing materials When you have the objective to Improve the acoustics of an environment, avoiding reflections and reverbs that would damage the sound quality.

I Sound insulation materials They perform exactly the opposite task. They reflect acoustic energy by preventing the propagation of noise (Sound impediment).

Although both practices are recommended to increase onboard comfort, the Soundproofing (or acoustic insulation) is of greater importance between the two, as the main purpose is not to create floating concert halls, but to protect guests from disturbing noises that prevent them from living with tranquillity.

How to isolate the boat acoustically.

It is common to think that the performance of a Sound insulation material is related to its density or mass per square meter, especially if the noise to be isolated "works" at medium and high sound frequencies. It is therefore immediately a challenge for those who design yachts and boats: Acoustically insulate without excessively weighing the boat (Find here an insight on how to decrease the weight of the boat).

The correct installation on board of Sound preventing materials It is also crucial to achieve concrete results: sound and noise, especially airborne ones, are easily found on the road if there are small "flaws", discontinuities or poorly realized joints in Sound insulation material. Needless to underline how a careful and precise installation carried out on board and in the course of work, requires particular care and dilates the times and costs of realization.

To respond to these cases, we have developed structural and finishing panels that complement the layer of Acoustic insulation Inside, eliminating joints and cracks that can cause a decrease in performance and significantly reducing the time and cost of installation. Also, the Material used for acoustically isolating, completely non-toxic, has been selected according to its weight/performance ratio, to avoid the necessity of lightness of the boats without sacrificing the result of the insulation.

Unlike what you can imagine, the sound insulation layer is extremely thin and allows to obtain excellent results even in the absence of wide spaces of manoeuvre. Let's see some solutions:

Thanks to the excellent ratio of weight to Sound-insulating power, Isophon Light ™ It is particularly suitable for the realization of the parts stressed by noise on board of yachts of prestige and requiring a high degree of comfort.

Among the applications: flooring, floor slabs, cabins, soundproof speakers, compartmentalization, divisional.

Further information about Isophon Light

IsoFloor™ It is the definitive sandwich panel to make the foundational layer of Indoor and outdoor floorings of yachts and MegaYacht.
A virtuous compromise of rigidity, stability and acoustic insulation, offers with the installation of a single panel all the advantages offered by the traditional "layered" laying, considerably reducing the installation time, optimizing the working cycle on site and labour costs.
Is also available in Lightweight version with PVC core layer.

Among the applications: Paglioli, floorings, floors, it can be used with success also to realize bearing compartments.

Further information about IsoFloor

The panel Isomar + Isophon Light ™ It is applied in projects where a content is required, high mechanical characteristics and excellent performance of acoustic insulation. Developed to meet the needs of shipbuilding and recreational shipbuilding, the panel lends itself effectively also to works in the building sector.

Among the nautical applications: structural walls and partitions, motor cabins and load-bearing bulkheads in general requiring acoustic insulation.

In Construction: Prefabricated houses and house boats, partitions equipped with ducts for installations, mezzanine.

Further information about Isomar + Isophon Light

And for the noise conveyed by vibration?

On a boat, as mentioned, we must not only deal with noise propagated by air. The vibrations transmitted by motor and mechanical organs must be considered in any case when designing a comfortable boat.
I Sound insulation panels They are great for reducing airborne noise, but they express their best value when matched and mounted with specific media aimed at reducing vibration. We have developed uprights that Dampening vibrations, which can be used both for creating walls and partitions, and for paving and cielini.

Often used in combination with the panel Isophon Light ™The Bars Isophon Serve to Dampen and extinguish vibrations And the noise, deriving from the propulsion of the engines, aboard the most prestigious boats. The bars are available in three different types to meet the needs of vibration reduction both on the floor and on the wall, thus guaranteeing the highest Acoustic Comfort Within the environments.

Further information about Isophon Bars

Reduce noise on board. Only for yachts?

Although it is common to associate the need for comfort to prestigious yachts, in fact almost all boats can not do without this aspect. If for example we move the attention on commercial boats, from work or even on military boats, we can immediately guess that the noisy sources increase. It is therefore crucial also for this type of craft, to pay attention to comfort, also because in the broad sense, greater comfort is more safety.

Sound insulation and fire resistance

With the advance of a regulation increasingly attentive to safety and fire prevention, sound insulation panels have been developed that meet the stringent standards in the field of fire protection.

I Fireproof Sandwich Panels They are indicated to carry out compartmentalization, furnishings and naval arrangements subject to the IMO SOLAS MED regulations or used on any vessel requiring an improvement of safety and fire protection.

Further information about IsoFlam

The advantages of the sound insulation panels summarized

  • Provide a better onboard experience
  • Increased privacy between different areas of the boat
  • Save time and installation costs
  • Achieve results without excessively increasing the weight
  • Installation in small spaces thanks to the reduced thickness
  • Virtuous cost-benefit ratio
  • Create sound insulation as a rule of art
  • Maintenance of parts almost non-existent

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