Specifically designed for the Boating industry, Isophon Superlight™ is aimed directly at designers who need to insulate noise and heat-stressed cabins but need to contain the overall weight of the construction. It is suitable for flooring and finds its main field of application in insulating the surroundings of engine cabins.

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  • Rectangular panels (ratio 2:1)
Standard sizes
  • 3080 x 1510 mm
  • 2480 x 1200 mm
Standard thicknesses
  • From 16 to 40 mm
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Soundproofing Power
Thermal insulation
Dimensional stability


  • Excellent acoustic insulation properties (certified average level 30 dB)
  • Weight from 5.30 kg/m² (in 16 mm configuration)
  • Good thermal insulation properties
  • Excellent durability and mechanical strength in environments with high moisture and salinity
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Easy to process
  • Each piece is calibrated across the entire surface
  • Squared and sanded before delivery


  • Composed of outer faces (skins) of Okoume Marine Plywood
  • Face quality (surface layers): B/BB
  • Low-density (220/250 kg/m³) conglomerate cork core
  • Gluing with melamine adhesive in Class 3 (See Specifications)

Certifications and marking

Technical information

The parts in Okoume are manufactured in compliance with NF CTB-X exterior plywood standards. They have obtained the CE marking for structural use in external environment, according to EN 13896 standards.
Depending on the specificities, Isophon Superlight ™ can be requested with a Okoumè or FSC 100% certified plywood face.
The bonding of the compensated Okoumè used are in Class 3 – E1, therefore resistant to boiling ´ and ideal for external uses; are carried out according to EN 314.2.

Nota Bene - Class E0

Isophon Superlight™ can be made in Class E0 (no added formaldehyde) upon request.


Upon request

Lead time

2/3 weeks

Minimum order

1 panel.

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204+12 + 46,7
213+15 + 36,5
234+15 + 47,4
263+20 + 37,7
276+15 + 69,4
284+20 + 48,6
326+20 + 610,6
368+20 + 812,5
4010+20 + 1014,4


Download the Isophon superlight datasheet with dimensions, weights and useful information. Italian version.


Download the Isophon superlight datasheet with dimensions, weights and useful information. English version.



All our plywood, sandwich and specialty panels can be delivered with different kinds of surface finishing, according to their destination.

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