Specifically designed to meet the lightweighting needs of the marine industry, Isomar™ combines the performance of marine plywood with the lightness and flexibility of composite materials. Widely appreciated and successfully used for more than 25 years by major shipyards, Isomar™ equips thousands of vessels worldwide.
Among the applications:


Partition and structural bulkheads, flooring, underlayments, furniture items (also veneered), cabinet doors, tables, furniture shoulders, wardrobe bases, ceilings

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  • Rectangular panels (ratio 2:1)
Standard sizes
  • 3080 x 1510 mm
  • 2480 x 1200 mm
Standard thicknesses
  • From 16 to 40 mm
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Dimensional stability
High temperature resistance
Thermal insulation


  • Lightness: for the same thickness offers greater stiffness and up to 65% lower weight compared to the Okoume Marine Plywood Commonly employed for the same applications (above 28 mm)
  • Weight from 3.90 kg/m² (in 16 mm configuration)
  • Excellent durability In high humidity and salinity environments
  • Excellent dimensional stability, Maintains a considerable degree of flatness and is not subject to twisting
  • It offers a good thermal insulation
  • Excellent stiffness
  • The core layer made of polyethylene terephthalate cellular foam. PET Is not hygroscopic, thus does not absorb water or ambient humidity
  • Eco-friendly: PET is a recycled, recyclable and environmentally sustainable polymer: it is a material with a very low environmental impact. It is a closed-cell thermoplastic material and has excellent resistance to high temperatures (up to 150° C). It does not deform or alter its structure.
  • The panel is supplied already squared and sanded


  • Composed of outer faces (skins) of Okoume Marine Plywood
  • Face quality (surface layers): B/BB
  • Cellular foam core of polyethylene terephthalate, known as PET
  • Gluing with melamine adhesive in Class 3 (See Specifications)

Certifications and marking

Technical information

The parts in Okoume are manufactured in compliance with NF CTB-X exterior plywood standards. They have obtained the CE marking for structural use in external environment, according to EN 13896 standards.
Depending on the specifics, Isomar™ can be requested with mixed FSC or FSC 100% certified Okoumè Plywood faces.
The bonding of the compensated Okoumè used are in Class 3 – E1, therefore resistant to boiling and ideal for external uses; are carried out according to EN 314.2.

Nota Bene - Class E0

Isomar™ can be made with NAF adhesive on request: formaldehyde-free bonding that enables emission values well below the requirements of the standard.upon request.


Upon request

Lead time

3/4 weeks

Minimum order

1 panel.

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204+12 + 45,0
213+15 + 34,4
234+15 + 45,3
263+20 + 34,9
276+15 + 67,3
284+20 + 45,8
326+20 + 67,8
368+20 + 89,7
4010+20 + 1011,6


Download the technical Data sheet of Isomar PET with dimensions, weights and useful information. Italian version.


Download the technical Data sheet of Isomar PET with dimensions, weights and useful information. English version.



All our plywood, sandwich and specialty panels can be delivered with different kinds of surface finishing, according to their destination.

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