The Teak boards have always been the favourite finishing for boat decks and yachts and mega-yacht fittings.
Among the applications:


Decks of yachts and sailing boats, furniture and cladding in general.


Outdoor flooring such as balconies, terraces and patios, indoor flooring, porches, windows, stairs.

Doors, Windows and Furniture

Furniture, bathroom furniture, outdoor furniture, shower trays, shelving, doors.

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  • Deckings and margins of mixed lengths
Common sizes
  • 50 x 1800/3500 mm
  • 60 x 1800/3500 mm
Standard thicknesses
  • 10-12-15 mm
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Water resistance
Physical and mechanical resistance

Teak Features

  • Teak is rich of natural oil substances that make it the most suitable species for outdoor applications under severe conditions
  • It effectively withstands weather and temperature variations
  • Extraordinary resistance to humidity, water and saltiness
  • It can be hardly attacked by insects or vegetal parasites

Teak deckings - quality standards

  • Teak deckings are free of knots and visible black stripes
  • There are no grain loops, cracks, infiltrations, spots or worm holes
  • Only the best logs, free of defects, are selected to produce deckings and margins
  • Teak deckings are also accurately tested by Nord Compensati to ensure the beautiful effect of quarter-sawn wood, with straight grain and consistent texture
  • The color of deckings is classical blonde, typical of high-quality Teak
  • The deckings can be smooth or rabbeted (to insert rubber and/or wood inlays)
  • The rabbet can be sized to customer specifications