Specifically designed to cope with high quality standards required by the yachting industry, Evoteak™ is the Nord Compensati engineered wood product based on the use of natural Teak.
Unlike synthetic or composite substitutes offered on the market today, Evoteak™ has no peculiar issues and behaves for all intents and purposes like traditional solid Teak.
This allows EvoTeak™ not only to be recognized as a "noble" material, but also to ensure that the intended use is the same as the planks historically used for the most prestigious boats.
Among the applications:


Decks of yachts and sailing boats, furniture and cladding in general.


Outdoor flooring such as balconies, terraces and patios, indoor flooring, porches, windows, stairs.

Doors, Windows and Furniture

Furniture, bathroom furniture, outdoor furniture, shower trays, shelving, doors.

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  • Deckings and margins of mixed lengths
Standard size
  • 50 x 3150/4000 mm
  • 60 x 3150/4000 mm
  • masters up to 200 x 3150/4000 mm
Standard thicknesses
  • 8-10-12-15 mm
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Water resistance
Physical and mechanical resistance


EvoTeak™ is engineered Teak, a natural reconstitued material produced using sophisticated technology. EvoTeak™ is not synthetic, it is an innovative product that effectively combines quality, visual impact and environmental friendliness.

100% made of Teak, it is the only product that preserves all the physical and mechanical properties of solid wood, while exceeding its visual quality. EvoTeak™ color and texture consistency can be controlled during production, ensuring a visual consistency that can hardly be found in solid wood.

EvoTeak™ also has all certifications of origin and eco-sustainability in conformity with the FSC® standard.®.


  • It preserves the physical and mechanical properties of solid Teak, including resistance to water, humidity and weather
  • Visual impact superior to traditional Teak
  • Consistent color on large surfaces
  • Deckings with standard and consistent dimensions
  • Greater resistance to wear and longer durability over time
  • Quarter-sawn wood effect and smooth grain
  • Free of knots and defects

Certifications and marking